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Making a Will doesn’t have to be complicated, and once it’s in place it can be simply
updated to reflect your changing circumstances.

The main reasons for making a will are:

A will ensures that, in the event of your death, your assets will be inherited by the people you choose. Without a Will, the intestacy rules govern who inherits what.
Dying intestate (without a Will) can cause a great deal of worry and upset for your family and dependants and your estate may not pass to those you wish to benefit.

Avoiding problems: If you die intestate (without a valid will) you are inevitably causing difficulties for those you leave behind. Your next of kin would have to distribute your assets according to the Laws of Intestacy – not necessarily what you would want, and certainly not taking into account any bequests you might wish to make outside the immediate family.

Leaving a will should remove any doubt about your wishes, and prevent uncertainty, disputes, and upset.

Protecting your assets for future generations:
A will can ensure that assets are kept within the family and are passed on down the generations. As the dynamics of modern families become more complicated, a well-structured will becomes increasingly important.

Saving on Inheritance Tax (IHT):
With a carefully planned will, you can reduce or eliminate the Inheritance Tax bill on your estate after your death.

Funeral arrangements:
You can include in your will wishes such as whether you want to be buried or cremated; where you would like your funeral to take place; details about the ceremony; where you would like to be interred, and any other details that are important to you.