When a person dies, somebody has to deal with their estate, collecting in the money, property and possessions, paying any debts and then distributing the estate to those entitled to it. The person who deals with the estate is called a personal representative. There is often more than one. The term personal representative can either […]

Official guidance recommends that people review their will every five years and after any major life changes, but a quarter of wills have not been updated for at least five years. If you have already prepared a will – how long ago was this prepared? Do you remember what your exact wishes were? While many […]

As a Law Graduate, competition for Training Contracts is extremely intense, with many favouring applying for larger national and international firms as they seek the city lifestyle filled with coffees to go, hectic commutes and high rise heaven. Many are led by ambition and the belief that it will fulfil all of their career desires […]